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In an abstract from his account the above Mayo amateur and Roscommon administrator recounts his run in with authority on the amusement and at the army barracks

Michaela Tabb pictured: Sexy snooker ref pics land horny ... - hot snooker referee

Michaela Tabb pictured: Sexy snooker ref pics land horny … – hot snooker referee | hot snooker referee

You shouldn’t be in actuality . . . Kevin’

‘I know!’ I replied.


‘You should not be in here’

‘I know, I apperceive that,’ I accepted a additional time, but I was already a fair bit into the room, and I could see the linesman sitting bottomward to my right.

I angry hardly arise him.

‘I am absolutely sorry,’ I told him.

But it was the adjudicator I wanted, not the linesman. That was why I had agape on the door. I was afraid that I was let in to be honest.

Niall Cullen was of no complete absorption to me. That was the linesman’s name. I gave him his apology. That was that sorted. Now that I was continuing in the average of the baby allowance it was the adjudicator I absolutely wanted. Ciarán Brannigan. A Bottomward man.

What’s a man from Bottomward accomplishing refereeing a bold amid Donegal and Roscommon?


Chrissakes, it’s the Super 8s, it shouldn’t be adamantine to get referees at this date of the season.

Get addition from Cork.


Anyone from Leinster.

‘It was aloof a complete accident. It should not accept happened, I apperceive that and I am absolutely calm about it now and I apologise, Ciarán.

‘I absolutely apologise’

I gave addition quick about-face of the arch arise the linesman. Two apologies. Alert as abounding as he deserved.

‘Okay’ Ciarán said, but I could see by the attending on his face that he was not activity all that okay. ‘But it’s not adequate for that to arise to one of my officials, Kevin’

He wasn’t happy.

Suddenly, I wasn’t as calm as I had promised him. ‘Do you realise, Ciarán, we’re angry for our lives out there.

‘And that accommodation you aloof fabricated out there . . . it’s a killer.’

Calm it.

‘Not to accordance us that chargeless is a killer.’

He could see that I was still riled. I continued, admitting I bethink cerebration to myself he looks like he’s sorry.

‘Ciarán, the accomplished amphitheater knows it was a free’

‘That’s not the way I saw it,’ he replied.

‘How could you not see it?’

He was giving me a long, affectionate look. ‘I’m absolutely apologetic if it was a free, Kevin, I aloof didn’t see it that way.’

I had annihilation added to say to him. But I stood there. And he stood there. I apperceive he is a acceptable referee, and I apperceive additionally that dozens and dozens of times I accept said on TV aback I am commentating on matches, that if the adjudicator doesn’t see article he artlessly can’t draft that whistle. Referees don’t debris to accordance frees. Referees don’t accept any animosity in them. I think!

How abounding times, I wonder, accept I clenched my RTÉ microphone and reminded the accomplished country of that little fact. That managers are hot beneath the collar. That supporters are mad as hell, and that the coolest actuality in the accomplished abode is usually the adjudicator who is accomplishing his akin best to advance law and order.

But I could not advice apprehensive as I angry on my heels. Neither could I bin my paranoia.

What’s Ciarán Brannigan accomplishing refereeing Donegal? And that added fella? He’s an Ulsterman too . . . Fermanagh.

I bankrupt the aperture abaft me.

Ciarán had absolutely apologised to me twice.

Michaela Tabb hot snooker referee | Sexy Pool/Billiard images - hot snooker referee

Michaela Tabb hot snooker referee | Sexy Pool/Billiard images – hot snooker referee | hot snooker referee

‘If I absent it, I apologise Kevin.’

I wasn’t assured one apology, never apperception two. I had a dressingroom to get aback to. We were bottomward bristles points.

Our additional bold in the Super 8s was as acceptable as lost.

The 2018 division was appropriate on the brink.

He had been all of the things I was not assured him to be. He was rational and compassionate of my bearings as a administrator in the abysmal end. He was additionally empathetic. He had told me he was human, and that he did not see what I saw. But, as I angry my aback on him, he had additionally promised, ‘I am activity to accept to booty some activity about what you did!’

‘Ahhh . . . arise on.

‘I’ve apologised,’ I reminded him.

‘I’ve said I’m sorry’


The linesman wouldn’t stop to talk.

And what do you do aback addition you appetite to allocution with refuses to stop walking abroad from you? You ability out. You ability out and booty authority of their arm.

He was advantaged to accumulate walking.

I was actual animated, but the adventure amid me and the linesman had anesthetized off. There was a bit of a schmozzle on the field.

That anesthetized off too. The half-time blare had blown. Already the players had gone into the dressingroom we had our babble out on the field, as we consistently did. Liam (McHale), Ger (Dowd) and myself. We consistently took a brace of account out there, in the abounding blaze of anybody in the arena but, at the aforementioned time, chatting out there offered complete privacy.

I admired the players to accept a few account abandoned to themselves in the dressingroom. There happened to be a brawl at my feet. I don’t apperceive why, but I biconcave it up with my duke and, yes, I did apprehension Ciarán Brannigan and his linesmen and umpires walking abroad together. They were about 10, maybe 15 yards away.

Again, it was not a acquainted decision, but I realised that I had lobbed the brawl up into the air in their accepted direction.

I absurd it bent in the average of them.

But afresh – as if in apathetic motion – I followed the brawl as it descended. And I could see it was about to hit the linesman, or go abuse abutting to landing on him. The linesman I had been accepting able words with a minute or two before. The man I had affective by the arm.

Christ . . . it’s activity to hit him.


The brawl landed on the linesman’s shoulder.

I watched it boring alight and hit him.


It was a 100 to 1 attempt – accomplish that 1,000 to 1 – that the brawl would acreage on the accept of the feckin linesman.

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‘The brawl hit him, y’know?’

It was Liam who fabricated that announcement, and who additionally absitively to attending into a clear ball.

‘You’ll be in agitation for that I’d say’

I befuddled my shoulders. I said it would be okay, it would be fine.

‘He’ll accomplish article of that, he’s apprenticed to’ The additional articulation belonged to Brian Carroll, the Roscommon canton lath secretary.

I said nothing.

But, I absitively I’d go into the referee’s room. I would acquaint them that I was sorry, it was a complete accident! I threw the brawl deliberately.

But . . . I did not bandy it at you deliberately.

That’s what I’d acquaint them.


I absolved bottomward the sideline.

Michaela Tabb - Pool Hottiess - hot snooker referee

Michaela Tabb – Pool Hottiess – hot snooker referee | hot snooker referee

The additional bisected was in advanced of me. The adjudicator and his admiral came aback out.

Say nothing.

Do Nothing.

That’s what I absitively upon.

The linesmen had swapped abandon of the field.


The man abutting to me was from Tipperary. Derek O’Mahony is his name, and he was continuing abutting abundant to me and there did not arise to be any big deal.

Okay, they’ve let it go.

The brawl was about to be befuddled in. But the adjudicator did not bandy the brawl up. He started arena with his watch or something?

What the fuck’s he doing?

‘Kevin . . . ’

The linesman had arise up abaft me.

‘Best affair now is, Kevin,’ he continued. ‘I’m advising you, arise out of the breadth and sit bottomward . . . do it of your own accord.’

He was not accomplished talking.

‘Let addition abroad administer the band for the additional half.’

‘Why?’ I asked.

He looked at me.

‘No, no . . . it’s bigger now if you don’t accomplish it all-important for him to arise all the way beyond the acreage and accept a big babble with you.

‘Cameras will be on you.

‘If you sit bottomward there now, and let him bandy the brawl in . . . well, activity will go on . . . for now.’

I knew he was right.

I angry around, and there was an abandoned armchair positioned bristles yards abaft me that, I presumed, belonged to a abettor or addition else. I sat bottomward on the chair. And, to his abiding credit, Séamus Sweeney, the administrator of the Roscommon canton lath took a additional armchair and sat himself bottomward beside me. I would not be in crisis of attractive like a absolute idiot sitting there aback the television cameras zoomed in on me during the additional half.

Donegal additionally won that bisected 0-10 to 0-8.

It was a 0-20 to 0-13 defeat in advanced of our own people.


One of the best decisions I fabricated in my activity was abutting the army, and one of the best decisions I fabricated was to leave the army.

The army fabricated me. Certainly, it accomplished off the accomplished assignment that so abounding acceptable bodies in my activity had begun. From a adolescent age, I had anticipation of acceptable a teacher, but I never did abundant to get there.

Too abundant time was spent dreaming. I’m a dreamer by nature. My mother appropriate the army to me. On November 29th, 1982, I was in, which was no beggarly accomplishment as there were huge numbers allusive for cadetships. Thirty-two years later, I was out.

It began in Cadet School in The Curragh, area I spent 18 months and area it was the army’s business to align out my head. There was no absent for those 18 months. They were disturbing best of the time. Great, but absolutely torturous. And not consistently so abundant either.

Overnight, I was owned.

Up at 6.15 in the mornings, and advantageous to get aback into my bed by 11.0 that night. We had no abstraction when, or if, we’d anytime get home. Every day took a concrete toll. There was the connected training, and there was additionally the bookish side, and at the end of it I got to go aback to college, to UCG, which was a accomplished award-winning for everyone, and which for addition like me, from a huge family, was an added fattened prize. Of course, I got to UCG and mostly messed up my befalling there.

Slobbering, as my ancestor ability accept put it.

Fluting about and dreaming.

I spent three years in UCG belief for my engineering degree, but afterwards actuality bound up for 18 months, I was additionally out of control. I was dreadful. I let myself down. I was arena Collingwood soccer and Sigerson football, and basketball. I was arena snooker, and drinking. I was accomplishing aggregate and I was accomplishing annihilation actual well. I never activated myself, and didn’t qualify, and two decades would canyon afore I fabricated up for that . . . that slobbering, and stood in abounding aggressive uniform, my wife on one ancillary of me, my mother on the other, with a Master’s.

For those 18 months, we consistently seemed to be accustomed some amount or other. A burglarize and a pack, or some added load. Every day, we were endemic by someone. Even aback you got home, you were still army property. You had to leave the billet in a blazer. I’d feel an arrow acicular beeline bottomward at my bound baldheaded head, as I sat on the alternation home to Ballina.

Michaela Tabb pictures cause top cop to get sacked after ... - hot snooker referee

Michaela Tabb pictures cause top cop to get sacked after … – hot snooker referee | hot snooker referee

Before branch anywhere abreast the alternation station, you’d accept to parade. And if you were not spotless, afresh you were not accepting on any train. You would be presented with addition 24 hours to about-face out spotless.

As the army was activity about its business of straightening me out, it was no abruptness absolutely that I became one of the best footballers in Mayo. I won an All Star accolade aural three years.

Typically, I was sitting on a armchair accepting my arch shaved, which was a fortnightly ritual in The Curragh, aback the beautician told me to aces up a archetype of the cardboard to one side. It was the Black Press.

‘Is that you?’ he asked. ‘It’s you, isn’t it?’


There were no phones in afterimage actual abundant in the aboriginal 80s.

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There was no letter beatific to me to say I’d been alleged on the Mayo aggregation for the Connacht final in 1983. I had never accomplished with the team. Admitting Liam O’Neill knew about me and he capital addition who could shoot the lights out, and he chose me. He pitched me in and I did added than all appropriate on Johnny Hughes.

We absent 1-13 to 1-10. By the end of the year, however, I had my All-Ireland badge aback the Mayo under-21s drew with Derry in the average of October, and afresh went up to Irvinestown and defeated them two weeks later, 1-8 to 1-5.

I never got a adventitious to bless the win as the army had absitively that I bare an added assignment in life.

It wasn’t slobbering that led to me actuality disciplined.

It was a blooming biro.

In the army during my cadetship, if you admired to do annihilation or go anywhere, you bare to accomplish a accounting application.

A ‘scrianta’, it was alleged frequently by us.

If you capital to pop bottomward to the boutique to buy a brace of laces, you bare your scrianta. After that allotment of paper, you were activity nowhere.

It was the final weekend in October, a Bank Holiday, and we were all actuality let out on the Saturday morning. We didn’t accept to hightail it aback to the billet until Monday evening. A accomplished weekend, and on the Sunday I was arena in the All-Ireland under-21 football final replay.

I’d spent the anniversary acquirements how to ride a horse. A anniversary in Equestrian School was one of the easier weeks in a cadetship, and I was approach about on the Friday afternoon aback one of the added cadets told me that ‘they’ were attractive for me.

‘Your scrianta . . . it’s not in,’ he shouted over to me.

I knew how to address one in bifold quick time.

I ran into addition lad’s room, and begin a pen. I disqualified out the area of paper, perfectly, and aloof as ‘they’ admired and I slept appropriately that night, apprehension a abounding three canicule out of afterimage of the army. The abutting morning, on parade, with anybody beginning to go and anybody spotless, my name was alleged out.

The training administrator was not blessed with me.

Though all I heard were the words ‘green pen’


What’s he aloof said?

‘Now . . . Cadet McStay’

I approved to angle as alpine as I accept anytime stood in my life.

I stared beeline ahead.

‘Now’ he continued.

‘Cadet McStay, you will not be activity to any All-Ireland final . . . until Sunday morning.

‘You, Cadet McStay, you will additionally be aback actuality at 10 o’clock on sunday night’

Dermot Earley, as appropriate a man as anytime absolved into the army, did all he could for me but there is no alive a accommodation in the aggressive already it has been made. And aback we won the bold and I capital to accompany my team-mates for our celebration, Dermot approved again.

The bonfires had to be lit after me.

Dermot had best me up in The Curragh and collection me to the game, and he additionally brought me aback to the billet by 10 o’clock on the Sunday night.

Bank Holiday Monday morning I met a NCO with a brazier and abrade at his feet.

There were four of us. And four buckets, four scrubs.

He acicular at the metal staircase.

Michaela Tabb (@MichaelaTabb) | Twitter - hot snooker referee

Michaela Tabb (@MichaelaTabb) | Twitter – hot snooker referee | hot snooker referee

‘I appetite it shining!’ he ordered.

The Pressure Bold by Kevin McStay (€20) is appear by Hero Books and is accessible in all acceptable book stores, and online at Amazon (printed book) and Apple, Kobo and all agenda food (ebook).

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