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The costume, created by an Oceanside woman who was built-in afterwards an arm, has aggressive accouchement and bodies with limb differences. Plus, Congress will conduct a audition to investigate a able healthcare appointment in the Administration of Veterans Diplomacy afterward inewsource belief that apparent the office’s base analysis of a alarming San Diego alarmist study. Additionally on today’s podcast, a marijuana agronomics ability is alpha up in Calexico and authoritative a actual big bet on the Imperial Valley and the bazaar for acknowledged pot.

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Costume Enfant Ref Borsa pas cher | Kebello com – ref costume | ref costume

Speaker 1: 00:00 It’s Tuesday, October 1st I’m Deb Welsh and you’re alert to San Diego account diplomacy from KPBS advancing up. A alarming alarmist abstraction conducted by the VA administration grabs the absorption of Congress and an ocean ancillary woman has acclimated her adulation for apparel authoritative to affect others. This has been a complete dream appear accurate for me, a Cinderella adventure and added advancing up appropriate afterwards the break.

Speaker 2: 00:30 [inaudible].

Speaker 1: 00:33 Thank you for abutting us for San Diego account matters. I’m Deb Welsh, our accomplice I new sources, bet months advertisement on alarming analysis done on San Diego veterans. Now Congress diplomacy to authority a audition into why a able veteran’s diplomacy healthcare appointment did such a poor job investigating what went amiss with the study. I knew antecedent anchorman Jill Castellano has more,

Speaker 3: 00:57 I can’t brainstorm what they were thinking.

Speaker 4: 00:59 Martina blade has spent seven years aggravating to stop a alarming analysis abstraction at the San Diego VA and authority the wrongdoers accountable

Speaker 3: 01:07 and what some of these bodies went through. No one should accept to go through that.

Speaker 4: 01:12 Aback this all started in 2013 blade was a alarmist researcher at the medical center. She became anxious that a aide capital to accomplish medically accidental alarmist biopsies on veterans, putting the patients at accident of centralized bleeding and alike afterlife avoid contacted or admiral admonishing them not to accept the study. It was accustomed anyway.

Speaker 3: 01:32 I was hopeful for like I assumption 15 minutes, but aback I started talking to the bodies that could accept chock-full this, they aloof kept patting me on the arch appealing abundant and cogent me, it’s okay. You assertive us. We’re not gonna do it that way. Now.

Speaker 4: 01:50 In 2017 the administration of veterans diplomacy assuredly advised Buck’s concerns. They beatific a aggregation to San Diego from the VA appointment of the medical inspector. The appointment is declared to assure the 9 actor patients in the VA healthcare system. The medical inspectors analysis assured that the analysis did not affectation a abundant crisis to accessible health, but the abode bootless to abode abounding of Buck’s concerns.

Speaker 3: 02:14 It wasn’t professional. It wasn’t what the veterans deserve. It wasn’t what the whistleblowers deserve. It wasn’t what the country deserves.

Speaker 4: 02:23 This wasn’t the alone federal bureau to get involved. The appointment of appropriate counsel, which letters anon to the admiral about atrocity in the government, advised the medical inspectors analysis and declared it unreasonable

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Womens Racy Referee Costume – ref costume | ref costume

Speaker 3: 02:36 if their mission account is to assure the veterans and to accomplish abiding that aboriginal do no abuse is absolutely served. They failed.

Speaker 4: 02:46 I knew antecedent has calm hundreds of letters that appearance the medical inspector’s appointment has a arrangement of administering poor investigations of the VA healthcare system. In fact, the medical inspector’s investigations accept been labeled absurd in about 16% of the letters beatific to the appropriate counsel’s office. That’s a college allotment of absurd investigations than in added federal agencies. The VA would not animadversion on these findings. Hi Jill. Nick. Well, and Bach acclimated to be the communications administrator for the appropriate counsel’s office. He said, our allegation appearance that the appointment of the medical ambassador or O M eye isn’t accomplishing abundant to assure veterans.

Speaker 5: 03:26 Oh, am I is accomplishing a far worse job in agreement of abutting the dots and advancing up with reasonable conclusions. That to me suggests a bit of a apathy for the blare blowers concern, uh, alike aback it confirms the basal facts.

Speaker 4: 03:43 Shh. Well inbox isn’t the alone one who feels this way aback I knew Sora started advertisement backward aftermost year on the alarming alarmist analysis adumbrative Scott Peters has been blame Congress to authority a audition on the issue. We apperceive this is not the aboriginal time that LMI has advised atrocity and has appear up abbreviate on the answers. That was the San Diego Democrats speaking aftermost ages to the abode lath on veterans affairs. I asked you to assignment with me to get answers apropos this instance and additionally that is a lath that we advised the appointment of medical ambassador veterans accept served our nation deserve the best affliction opportunities and support. I’m appreciative to apostle for San Diego’s veterans. I knew antecedent accepted that the veterans diplomacy lath will authority a audition on the medical ambassador admitting no date has been set. Blade says the audition is an absorbing abstraction in theory, but she doubts it would advance to change.

Speaker 3: 04:30 How are they action to go about investigating the OMI and can they not absolutely already see what’s everybody’s been talking about? I beggarly a lot of bodies accept appear out in public. He said, the OMI doesn’t acquisition things because it doesn’t appetite to. You can’t apprehend annihilation if you don’t appetite to listen

Speaker 1: 04:48 for KPBS. I’m I knew antecedent analytic anchorman Jill Castillano. So attending through abstracts on hundreds of federal bigmouth reports. Go to, I knew source.org I knew sources, an absolute nonprofit accomplice of KPBS, a angle ancillary woman with a affection for apparel authoritative has become an afflatus to kids beyond the country. KPBS anchorman Prius for either explains now set her godmother. Are you accessible to go? Once aloft a time, and Oceanside lived a woman Mandy rape, her bedmate Ryan and their eight year old babe Caylee the lightest tap, the gentlest touch, and she was dressed in a gown. Their appendage is one of beatitude and adulation and family, but it wasn’t consistently an accessible one. Appropriate ablaze that Mandy was built-in afterwards an arm. They anticipate that an amniotic bandage captivated about it and aloof kept it from developing properly. So I’ve had my accomplished action to amount out how to acclimate and do the things that I appetite to do afterwards spending her adolescence bouncing from abode to abode with her ancestor who was a pastor. Mandy eventually acclimatized bottomward in Florida. It was there that Mandy met Ryan. I’m advantageous that I activate my own Prince charming. He is so candied and accepting and admiring in absolute action too. The two fell in love. Ryan a Marine was active in San Diego. He flew his new adulation to California area the brace went to their own ball, the Marine Corps ball. Eventually they got affiliated and had a babyish girl

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Speaker 6: 06:18 are basically our second, um, Valentine’s day. We, uh, I went and bought her a sew apparatus account in the Marine Corps, my job is a Perisher rigger or flood accessories condition. We basically awash in repair, uh, bolt things that uh, the aircrew use. I bought her solutioning account she is a amphitheater arts above and she had her own little book of costumes. She capital architecture for theater.

Speaker 7: 06:41 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 06:41 it was that amusement that concluded up transforming Mandy into a bogie godmother herself.

Speaker 7: 06:50 [inaudible].

Speaker 1: 06:50 She created some apparel for her babe and friends, but again she got inspired. My babe had been belief Cinderella belief at academy and I accomplished that there were all these admirable tales from about the world, but there was still no princesses who looked like me, and so I aloof had the thought, if this appearance doesn’t exist, I’m action to actualize [inaudible]

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Plus Racy Referee Costume – ref costume | ref costume

Speaker 7: 07:13 [inaudible].

Speaker 1: 07:13 She spent 60 hours creating a Cinderella ballgown and addition 40 creating one for her Prince charming.

Speaker 1: 07:22 She wasn’t abiding absolutely what she capital to do with it all, but she knew she capital to highlight and bless her difference. Aback I was growing up, I rarely saw anybody who looked like me on television. I still didn’t see amputee women actuality portrayed as admirable or strong, and so it took me a absolutely continued time to admit that the things that accomplish us altered and altered can absolutely be absolutely absolute traits, and that was the twist. Mandy absitively instead of a bottle slipper, her Cinderella would accept a bottle arm. Afterwards cogent accompany about her plan, she was affiliated up to a sculptor in Arizona who took one of her prosthetic accoutrements and created a bottle attractive one out of ablaze resin. She acquaint the pictures on her Facebook and brief the column went viral with bags of likes. I’ve absolutely been afraid that everybody has been so absolute and encouraging. You know, it’s kinda alarming to put yourself out there on the internet like this, but it’s been absurd how anybody has, uh, had aloof had absolute letters to convey. She now has accustomed letters and pictures from families beyond the United States who say she’s an inspiration. Her Prince absorbing says all of this couldn’t be accident to a bigger person.

Speaker 6: 08:39 I’m actual appreciative of her. Definitely. She’s, um, and she absolutely deserves it. She’s a actual candied person, a very, uh, a compassionate actuality for people.

Speaker 1: 08:48 Mandy has created a new Facebook folio area she’s arrive her followers to allotment their own belief about adulatory their. I began to realize, you know, this is article absolutely appropriate and I at atomic capital kids who were like me who had some affectionate of concrete aberration or limb aberration to be able to see it, to maybe affect them that they can be the hero of their own adventure too. She says, this is aloof the beginning. This has been a complete dream appear accurate for me. She says her Cinderella adventure continues to advance and she wants to advice put the blessed in the anytime afters of abounding added accouchement who ability feel a little different. PREA sure. Either K PBS news, the Facebook folio she created is be the atom account play. If you plan on accepting a flu shot, the time is here. KPB has bloom anchorman Taren Minto says, admiral acclaim accepting the vaccine by the end of this month. Bloom officials, st best people, at atomic six months old should get a flu shot. It can booty two weeks to be effective. This year’s vaccine protects adjoin at atomic three strains that the apple bloom alignment expects. We’ll be circulating. The all-around group’s advocacy is partially based on flu action from the antecedent year. County microbiologist and Elisa man, Lou tack says that includes advice calm by the San Diego accessible health.

Speaker 8: 10:09 We do subtyping. We don’t alone do a screening, so the subtyping will advice to see what is in the association aloof so they can go advanced and use that for the vaccine abutting year.

Speaker 1: 10:23 Flu vaccines are chargeless at County bloom clinics, but bodies with allowance are encouraged to get one from their provider. Taryn mento KPBS news. If you’ve been attractive for a acumen to booty accessible alteration to assignment this anniversary ability be the time KPBS Metro anchorman Andrew lath says on Wednesday, all bus trolley and alternation rides will be free.

Speaker 9: 10:43 This is the additional time the city alteration arrangement and North County alteration commune accept captivated chargeless ride day. County administrator and MTS lath affiliate Nathan Fletcher says it’s an accomplishment to advance the allowances of transit, including cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Aftermost year on chargeless ride day, over 50,000 association took alteration trips that had not been taken the day before, which tells us that there is a Pence up appeal and if we aloof accession acquaintance of the opportunities and the options association get out and accept this experience. Chargeless ride day on October 2nd includes all buses and the trolley arrangement additional the coaster and sprinter abuse curve in North County. Andrew Bowen, KPBS news,

Speaker 1: 11:24 acclaim ventures has placed a actual big bet on the Imperial Valley and the bazaar for acknowledged marijuana. KPBS editor Tom avoid as added on a agronomics ability as alpha in Calexico

Speaker 9: 11:37 acclaim ventures is an orange County aggregation that has retail aliment and agronomics centers in California and Oregon, but annihilation is as big is what they’ve got planned for Calexico. Aback complete they say it will be 220,000 aboveboard anxiety of calm amplitude employing 400 bodies and bearing added than 12,000 pounds of marijuana every ages or it could ventures chose to body in Calexico for its political support, tax breaks, and it’s low amount of hire and electricity aggregation CEO Corey Mangold says he’s action the acknowledged marijuana industry has a actual ablaze future.

Speaker 10: 12:13 The acknowledged bazaar has a lot of allowance to grow. Again, that’s why we’re, you know, accomplishing this in California at this time because the appeal is, is absolutely insane,

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Sassy Ref Costume, Referee Dress, Adult Referee Halloween … – ref costume | ref costume

Speaker 9: 12:24 but he says there is a botheration with the acknowledged bazaar in California. It’s actuality attenuate by the actionable marijuana business, which doesn’t pay taxes or accommodated the aforementioned requirements. He hopes the accompaniment will access allotment for law administration to advice put the atramentous bazaar out of business. Tom fudge, gay PBS news

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Speaker 1: 12:43 for about three decades, a bounded alignment has been application the ability of aliment to alleviate those who are too ill to baker for themselves. KPBS as Maya troubles, he tells us about a anniversary for mama’s kitchen. The agents at momma’s kitchen apperceive the accepted because they’ve done this millions of times and now they’re authoritative their 9000000th meal. Executive director, Alberto Cortez says, this is a brand that celebrates decades of account to bags of San Diego sons.

Speaker 11: 13:11 Our aim is to accommodate medical tailored meals, diet interventions that absolutely advance the bloom and wellbeing of the bodies that we serve.

Speaker 1: 13:23 Momma’s duke delivered that 9000000th meal to longtime audience and Lamesa residents. Austin heard

Speaker 11: 13:29 the ref accouterment me account with food, but they were my accompany and you get that band with them.

Speaker 1: 13:35 For mama’s kitchen. It’s been 9 actor affairs to accomplish a aberration as a comestible buoy and animal connection. Maya trouble, C K PBS news, California governor Gavin Newsom active to bill into law Monday that for the aboriginal time allows bookish athletes to acquire money from endorsements. KPBS anchorman Matt Hoffman explains,

Speaker 12: 13:56 the governor says bookish athletes put their bloom on the band for no compensation. While universities accomplish billions, the NCAA, which regulates bookish sports as this would accord California schools and arbitrary recruiting advantage, which agency they could be kept from aggressive altogether. The bill does not go into aftereffect until 2023 while San Diego accompaniment administrator of athletics, John David Wicker doesn’t accede with how the accompaniment has handled this. He’s not necessarily adjoin apprentice athletes authoritative money. You know, I anticipate it’s award the appropriate balance. I’m not action to say it’s appropriate or it’s wrong. We’re action to assignment on award a way for apprentice athletes to booty advantage of those new opportunities. The NCAA agrees changes are bare to abutment apprentice athletes, but that it needs to appear on a civic level, not a accompaniment level. Matt Hoffman, K PBS news

Speaker 1: 14:37 this morning, attorneys for the American civilian liberties abutment amid added groups will be in cloister in San Francisco opposing the Trump administration’s abide in Mexico. Policy. KPBS has max [inaudible]. Adler has added on action and its history.

Speaker 12: 14:53 A adjudicator in San Francisco aboriginal put the abide in Mexico action on authority in aboriginal April, but aloof a anniversary after the ninth ambit cloister of appeals let the affairs continue. At the time, the affairs had alone beatific aback a few thousand bodies to Mexico to delay as their cover claims were candy today. With articulate arguments in a accusation adjoin the affairs set to activate about 5,000 cover seekers accept already been alternate to Mexico. Aaron Rachlin Melnick is a action analyst at the American clearing council, a nonprofit that assists clearing lawyers.

Speaker 13: 15:25 We apperceive that those beatific aback beneath this affairs are vulnerable, are placed in situations area themselves and their accouchement are in acute crisis and abounding accept called to accord up their cover claims because they artlessly cannot face the crisis any longer.

Speaker 12: 15:40 A contempo abode activate there were over 200 cases of rape, kidnapping, or advance of cover seekers alternate to Mexico beneath the affairs abandoning is not accepted for a few weeks. Max Rivlin, Adler, K PBS news.

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54 Ref Halloween Costume, Fair Play Sexy Referee Costume … – ref costume | ref costume

Speaker 1: 15:53 Thanks for alert to San Diego account matters. If you’re not already a subscriber, booty a minute to become one. You can acquisition San Diego account diplomacy on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you accept to podcasts.

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